Republican Unitary Enterprise
"Scientific and Practical Center of the
National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
for Animal Breeding"

The leading scientific center in the Republic of Belarus, conducting research in the field of breeding, reproduction, technology of keeping and effective diets for feeding farm animals

About the Center

RUE "Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Animal Breeding" is a large association of zootechnical and veterinary science of the Republic of Belarus. Our developments are known not only in the republic, but also far beyond its borders.

More about the Center

Our activities

Our enterprise is a scientific and methodological center coordinating work on the genetic improvement of farm animals. We have rich experience of many years of purposeful work of breeders to obtain breeds, types and lines of animals with the required characteristics (milk, meat productivity, etc.)
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Keeping Technology
We offer professional services in the development of environmentally friendly, energy and resource-saving technologies for the production of milk and beef; as well as: technologies and project proposals for the design and construction of pig enterprises
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We offer science-tested recipes for compound feeds and feed additives, developed taking into account the feed base of farms, the nutritional value of the main feeds and the technological conditions of production
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We can speed up the process of replenishing the valuable breeding stock of cattle on your farm through the use of embryo transfer and artificial insemination
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“In modern conditions, the development of animal husbandry requires not so much an “industry” as fundamental and applied science, which could play the role of a system-forming factor in production, environmental and other vital processes associated with the production of biologically complete and harmless to human health food products. The pace of qualitative change in technology is such that solutions require a serious scientific basis. The future of livestock industries lies with high technologies, built on the basis, first of all, of domestic zootechnical and veterinary science, functioning in the most important priority areas in the mode of advanced development.»

Director General
Portnoy Alexander Ivanovich