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 — Pig breeding methods

Pig breeding methods

Pig breeding methods Scientists and specialists of the laboratory of hybridization in pig breeding, as well as the laboratory of breeding and selection of pigs in the SPC for animal husbandry, have many years of experience in the scientific and methodological management of a network of breeding enterprises for breeding, improving, hybridizing and effectively using mother breeds of pigs, as well as hybrids (Belarusian meat breed , Belarusian Large White, Belarusian Black-and-White, Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc).

Therefore, in accordance with your requests and long-term considerations, we offer:
  • methods of intensifying the breed-forming process in pig breeding by developing and using new breeding techniques and methods that provide a high and stable effect of heterosis during crossing and hybridization;
  • selection assessment (grading) of boars, queens and replacement young animals;
  • improvement and creation of genealogical structures, breeding lines, types and breeds of pigs;
  • implementation of a set of measures to assess the breeding value, selection and selection of breeding young animals and the main herd according to individual and group schemes;
  • development and widespread introduction of new selection and genetic breeding methods;
  • genetic monitoring and development of marker selection methods based on DNA technologies;
  • evaluation of various options for obtaining a parent pig - F1, their scientific and industrial evaluation and wide implementation;
  • economic evaluation of breeding methods, new genotypes, breeds, their crosses and wide implementation in industrial complexes;