Laboratories and departments

The following sub-divisions are included into the structure of Republican unitary enterprise “Scientific and practical center of the National academy of sciences of Belarus on animal husbandry”:


Laboratory for horse breeding, fur farming and small animals breeding

Laboratory Chief - German Yury

   Researches in the laboratory are carried out to create new and perfect existing genealogical structures in reared breeds of horses for production of competitive horse stock, development of new horses selection methods, ensuring earlier and exact forecasting of their performance, on development of horse production systems for efficient use and horse sport.

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The center was created in 2006. It includes the following laboratories: Laboratory for reproduction, embryo transfer and transgenosis of agricultural animals (laboratory chief А.I. Budevich); Laboratory for molecular biotechnology and DNA testing (laboratory chief А.I. Gandzha); Laboratory for rearing and selection of milk and meat livestock (laboratory chief I.N. Koronets). The Head of the center is Ph.D.Agr.Sci., Associate Professor I.N. Koronets.

Laboratory for reproduction, embryo transfer
and transgenosis of agricultural animals

Laboratory Chief - Bogdanovich Dmitriy Mikhailovich

      Perspective of scientific researches of the laboratory is development and perfection of biotechnological methods of agricultural animals reproduction and efficient usage in selection process of perfection of reared in the republic breeds and herds, widening scope of work in the sphere of transgenosis and cell engineering based on creation of new directions of molecular genetics achievements usage, as well as cryobiology, cytology and embryology.

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Laboratory for molecular biotechnology and DNA testing

Laboratory Chief - Gandzha Alla

      The DNA-testing method of immunodeficiency syndrome in cattle (on BLAD gene loci) was developed in the laboratory to exclude import of bulls-carriers of gene mutation, implementation of healthy animals in herds and solving problem of breeding herd resistance and young animals safety, creation of herds resistant to this disease.
DNA-pool of livestock breeding herd of the republic containing by now more than 3000 DNA samples of breeding cows and 998 of bulls-producers was created. These samples may be used for testing breeding animals on other genes, as well as for estimation of authenticity of origin.

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Laboratory for rearing and selection of milk and meat livestock

Laboratory Chief - Koronets Ivan

   Laboratory has developed and successfully realizes: method of Belarusian black-motley breed rearing and selection, breeding work plan for Belarusian population of black-motley livestock, manual for selection, rearing and estimation of bulls on progeny quality; methodological guidelines on linear estimation of milk cattle type.
Scientists and specialists of the group on milk livestock has developed breeding database on Charolais, Limousine, Gereford and Aberdeen anguss breeds. The storages of state breeding enterprises keep sperm pool of these and other breeds, selection breeding work plans are developed for them, dynamics of increasing the purebred herd in regions of the republic is calculated; experience of creation of herds of meat livestock by method of absorption cross of non-technologic low-productive milk livestock with bulls of specialized meat breeds is stored; systems of meat livestock management on low-expense resource-saving technologies are developed and scientifically substantiated.

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Group for breeding and selection of meat livestock

Head of the Group - Sidunov Sergey Vladimirovich

tel.: +375 1775 22330; cell: +375 29 183 6937

Since January 2, 2009 the laboratory for breeding and selection of meat livestock was renamed to group and became part of department for breeding and selection of milk and meat livestock.



Main center for pig breeding was created in 2006. It includes the following laboratories: Laboratory for hybridization in pig breeding (laboratory chief - R.I. Sheyko) and Laboratory for rearing and selection of pigs (laboratory chief N.А. Loban).

Laboratory for hybridization in pig breeding

Laboratory Chief - Sheyko Ruslan

      Basic scope of the research in this laboratory is development and implementation of new hybridization variant based on reared in the republic breeds of pigs: great white, Belarusian black-motley, Belarusian meat, landrace and duroc, ensuring obtaining highly-productive hybrids with average daily weight gain u to 800 g, carcass meat content of 63-65, intensification of breed forming process in pig breeding by development and use of new selection methods ensuring obtaining high and stable heterosis effect at crossbreeding and hybridization.
Nowadays laboratory associates have developed the program of automated selection process management based on МS Access consisting of input mechanism, storage, data processing mechanism and reporting mechanism.

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Laboratory for rearing and selection of pigs

Laboratory Chief - Loban Nikolay

      The basic aim of the laboratory is scientific and reseafrch management of network of breeding enterprises for rearing, perfection and efficient usage of maternal breeds of pigs (Belarusian Great white breed, Belarusian black-motley and Yorkshire breeds).
For reaching this aim a range of research and practical issues is solved to use maternal forms efficiently:
- selection estimation (classification) of boars, sows and replacement young animals at 19 basic breeding enterprises and 20 breeding farms of pigs breeding complexes of the country;
- perfection and creation of genealogical structures, plant lines, types and breeds of pigs;
- carrying out a complex of activities on estimation of breeding value, selection of breeding young animals and basic herd on individual and group schemes;
- development and wide implementation of new selection and genetic methods of breeding work;
- genetic monitoring and development of marker selection methods base on DNA-technologies;
- estimation of different variants for obtaining maternal gilt – F1, its scientific and production evaluation and wide implementation;
- economic estimation of selection methods, new genotypes, breeds, and their crosses and wide implementation of practice at industrial complexes;

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Head of center - Timoshenko Vladimir

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The center for resource saving technologies in animal breeding was created in 2007. It includes the following laboratories: Laboratory for development of intensive technologies for milk and beef production (laboratory chief А.А. Muzyka); Laboratory for automated milking technology and milk quality (laboratory chief М.V. Baranovsky); Laboratory for pork production technology and veterinary hygiene (laboratory chief D.N. Hodosovsky).

Laboratory for development of intensive technologies for milk and beef production

Laboratory Chief - Muzyka Andrei

      Perspective direction of the research in the laboratory is development of theoretical basis of obtaining, saving and rearing of healthy calves; development of system for rapid growing of highly productive cows; perfection of cows loose management system using production computer technologies; development of ecologic, energy- and resource-saving technologies of milk and beef production; creation of complex equipment for management of young cattle; development of animals' organism immune correction methods at early postnatal ontogenesis; development of regulatory documents for design and construction of buildings for animals husbandry.

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Laboratory for automated milking technology and milk quality

Laboratory Chief - Baranovsky Mikhail

      Scientists and specialists of the laboratory have developed:
- methods of automated milking perfection;
- methods of perfection and development of new methods of milk quality increase;
- equipment for cows milking management;
- milking equipment collector;
- hydraulic pulsator PG-2;
- disinfectant for milking equipment and methods of its usage;
- methods of using disinfectants VAM, Mileta, Inkrasept and Iodiksin for milking equipment treatment and udder treatment;
- services on milk quality control.

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Laboratory for pork production technology and veterinary hygiene

Laboratory Chief – Ph.D.Agr.Sci. 
Hodosovsky Dmitry

Many years of researches of the laboratory associates are aimed at creation of new and improvement of existing engineering solutions and technologies for port production at farms and complexes of diverse capacity. Technologies and design proposals for pig breeding enterprises construction were developed by Bezzubov V.I., Kovalenok Y.А., Streltsov V.А., Shatskaya А.N. and Hodarenok О.F. The production capacity of pig breeding enterprises is 6, 12 and 24 thousand animals production annually, for private and farm facilities: 50, 100, 300, 500, 1500 and 3000 animals production annually. Development of advanced biopreparation of microbiological nature for prevention of definite infectious deseases of pigs at industrial complexes.
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Research and experimental production laboratory for feed supplements and bioproducts

Laboratory Chief - Kozinets Alexander


      Basic research directions – development of biologically active feed supplements for livestock based on the local raw materials sources.

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Laboratory for pigs feeding

Laboratory Chief - Linkevich Sergey

     The basic aim of the laboratory is perfection of full value pigs feeding system based on maximum usage of local feed sources, ensuring maximum realization of highly productive genetic potential of modern breeds and lines, high quality of pork and low forage spends to obtain it.
Associates of the laboratory provide development of mixed feeds, BVMS and premixes developed taking into account forage base of a husbandry, nutrition value of basic feeds and technological conditions of production.

tel.: +375 1775 22774; cell: +375 29 976 8767; e-mail:


Laboratory for livestock feeding and nutrition physiology

Laboratory Chief - Radchikov Vasiliy

     The basic aim of the laboratory researches is perfection of young animals feeding system, ensuring increase of efficiency of using feeds nutrients, growth energy and meat efficiency of animals, meat quality and forage spends decrease per one unit of produce. The associates of the laboratory provide:
- specification of young cattle requirements in energy, nutrients and biologically active matters depending on breed, age, growth intensity and management conditions taking into account protein quality;
- development of perfect diets structure, premixes recipes, BVMS and mixed feeds taking into account peculiarities of feeds production in the republic;
- development of whole milk replacers base on local raw materials sources instead of import analogues;
- study of nutrition value and efficiency of new feeds and supplement usage, ferment preparations, growth stimulators, different methods of preparing feeds for feeding animals;
- development and determination of efficiency of new preserved feeds storage technology, usage of new preservatives and enriching matters of vegetable raw materials.

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Laboratory for milk livestock feeding

Laboratory Chief - Sakhanchuk Anna

      The associates of the laboratory pay great attention to reviewing and specifying requirements for energy, protein, mineral and vitamin nutrition of animals, obtaining efficient sources of supplement and perfection of technologies of feeding. The feeding system for highly productive cows is being developed and perfected, diets are optimized and balanced with BVMS and premixes with local sources of raw materials. Cheaper recipes that do not give way to standard whole milk replacers (WMR) are developed for calves using vegetable components, wastes and secondary products of milk and meat plants.

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Department for production of feeds, feed supplements and bioproducts
Laboratory for feed production

Laboratory Chief - Zinovenko Alexander

     The basic aim of researches:
- development and implementation of technological parameter of creation and usage of hayings and pastures with schemes of raw material and green conveyors;
- development and perfection of technological parameters for preserved forages production (hay, haylage, silage, cornlage, ensilage of wet grain);
- development and estimation of preservatives, preserving means for ensilaged forages production.
Jointly with Medipharm company (Czech Republic) a freeze dried biological preservative MIKROBELSIL was developed for ensilage of vegetable forages. It includes four strains of mutually complementary lactobacillus: Enterococcus faecium (M-74), Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus casei, Pediococcus spp. The carriers for preservative are crystal glucose and dry demineralized serum.

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Laboratory for biochemical analyses

Laboratory Chief - Kurepin Alexander

      Laboratory carries out tests on the following directions:
- Grain of cereals, legumes oil-bearing plants for forages.
- Forage products of processing plants: bran, oil cake, tosts.
- Feeds of animal origin.
- Mixed feeds, premixes, protein and vitamin supplements, mineral supplements.
- Feeds of vegetable origin: green, hay, straw, haylage, silage.
- Blood, urine and faeces biochemical analysis for control and optimization of a diet;

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Laboratory for information and process automated systems in livestock breeding 

Laboratory Chief - Nikolay Khramchenko

tel.: +375 1775 23416; cell: +375 29 645 2181;


Department for R&D information and ideological activity

Head of Department – Svetlana Gracheva

The department currently carries out the following activities: information and bibliographic support of R&D programs; organizational and tutorial guidance, promotion of research developments and recommendations of the center's scientists; expanding of patent fund; support of scientists for patent application; applications for obtaining of patents; organization and preparation of exhibitions; support of joint researches with foreign scientists; publication preparation of scientific papers, recommendations, information sheets, prospects and booklets; registration of topics of scientific researches and reports control in Belarusian institute for system analysis and information support for research field of the National committee for sciences and technologies of the Republic of Belarus.

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