According to Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated
April 18, 2006 No. 242
«About creation of scientific and practical centers of the National academy of sciences of Belarus and some measures to carry out scientific activity» Republican unitary enterprise “Scientific and practical center of the National academy of sciences of Belarus on animal husbandry” was created on the basis of Republican unitary enterprise «Institute of animal husbandry of the national academy of sciences of Belarus».

The basic aim of activity of the center is concentration of scientific potential of the republic aimed at raising efficiency of animal husbandry via complex researches and implementation of scientific developments into production, tracking them by authors, as well as professional development and training of animal husbandry specialists via courses, seminars, conferences, post-gradual studies and doctoral studies.


The activity of the centre is aimed at raising efficiency of animal husbandry via perfection of reared and creation of new breeds, types, lines and crosses of agricultural animals, corresponding requirements of industrial animal husbandry based on development of biotechnological methods of rapid reproduction of high-value genotypes of agricultural animals; energy- and resource-saving technologies of milk production, as well as beef and pork production; mixed feeds receipts, premixes and feed supplements using local raw material resources; perfection of feeding norms and systems, agricultural animals management and usage systems.

The following institutions are the branches of the center:
- RUE “Institute of experimental veterinary named after S.N. Vyshelessky”;
- RUE “Institute of fish husbandry”;
- RUE “Experimental research station on poultry husbandry”;
- SE “ZhodinoAgroPlemElita”.

For the development period scientific schools on selection, feeding, hygiene, physiology of agricultural animals and technologies of agricultural production were created in the center.

Developments of scientists in the center are known worldwide in both the Republic of Belarus and in near and far foreign countries.

Scientific and practical center of the National academy of sciences of Belarus on animal husbandry offers services on selection and reproduction in milk and meat cattle breeding, pig breeding, horse breeding, agricultural animals feeding, on technologies of management and rearing of agricultural animals.


Belarus, Zhodino,
11 Frunze str.
fax (01775) 352-83

RUE "Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus on Animal Husbandry"