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     Our enterprise is the only research center in the Republic of Belarus conducting researches in the field of selection, reproduction, development of efficient diets and management technologies for farm animals.

     Agriculture would not need a “branch” but “fundamental and applied” science today in the modern conditions of animal breeding development. The science shall be able to serve as the backbone factor of production, environmental and other vital processes associated with production of biologically valuable and safe to human health foodstuffs. The pace of qualitative changes in technologies is such that the solutions require a strong scientific base. The future of the animal breeding branches is first of all a high technology built on the basis of domestic zoological and engineering as well as veterinary science that operates in key areas in the mode of priority development.

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Bogdanovich M. Dmitry


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     Our enterprise is a scientific and methodological center that coordinates works on genetic perfection of farm animals. We have a great experience with many years of dedicated work of our specialists and breeders for obtaining breeds, types and lines of animals with the required characteristics (milk and meat performance, etc.)

Management technology

     We offer professional services for development of environmentally friendly, energy-and-resource saving technologies of milk and beef production, as well as: technologies and engineering proposals for design and construction of pig farms and enterprises


     We offer feeds, diets and feed additives proven by science and designed to meet the feeds provision conditions of a farm or enterprise, nutrition value of the major feeds and process conditions of production


     We can help to speed up the process of valuable breeding livestock replenishment at your farm or enterprise using the embryo transfer and artificial insemination methods


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RUE "Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus on Animal Husbandry"